The 10 Furniture Pieces That Are Becoming 'Extinct' (PHOTOS)

When was the last time you slept on a water bed?

There’s no denying we love vintage. Whether it’s an antique table or a dress, we admire a classic feel. But times, they are a-changing -- especially in the world of home design.

Pieces of furniture and accessories that used to be completely relevant and necessary in our homes are now quickly becoming obsolete. For instance, we can’t remember the last time we used a landline phone -- why would we when our cellphone can be carried with us throughout the apartment? And mounting flat screen televisions have left the media armoire completely useless, unless you're using it as a catch-all.

In light of this, we’ve rounded up some other home items that just seem, well, irrelevant, whether it's for space reasons or for changing habits. So flip through the slideshow and let us know if you agree...or disagree.

Television Cabinet

Furniture That May Become Extinct

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