'Junk-Touching' In Perspective

Over the holiday weekend, a number of people whose postings land in my RSS feed were batting around this piece at, which listed the various... let's say "indignities"... that innocent people have been subjected to in the name of fighting terrorism.

Many of those "indignities" listed are fairly mundane: requiring photo ID at the airport, being forced to remove one's shoes, being required to surrender vials of liquids, and the like. And not to worry, fans of the zeitgeist: being made to "walk through a backscatter X-ray scanner that shows their naughty bits to someone in another room" and being subjected to "invasive and humiliating patdowns" both made the list.

As it turns out, however, those folks have it pretty good! Here's what you find at the more extreme end of the spectrum:

* Turned them over to governments of countries like Egypt and Syria in order to be tortured.

* Beaten them to death.
* Shot them.
* Shot and killed them.
* Blew them up using laser-guided bombs.
* Killed them in Predator drone strikes.

Obviously, there are physiological limitations that prevent us from asking what it's like to be out there in the world, living your life one minute, only to find yourself exploding into hundreds of chunks of meat the next, but this got me wondering what an extraordinary thing it would be if every segment on the news that focused on someone having their wangs touched by the TSA was matched by an interview with Maher Arar.

But "don't touch my junk" sure makes for a snappy bumper sticker!

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