The Furthest Place On Earth From Wherever You're Located

Here's Where To Go If You Want To GetFar Away

Do you ever just want to get away? How about far away? How about as far away as possible?

FurthestCity is a nifty little website that lets you know the farthest city from wherever you're currently located.

We really couldn't help ourselves and looked up the farthest locations of some of the world's major cities. For your specific location, check out

If You Live In New York City, Escape To Perth, Australia
perth australia
Distance: 11,613 miles

If You Live In Los Angeles, Escape To Saint-Paul, La Réunion
saintpaul reunion
Distance: 11,446 miles

If You Live In Shanghai, Escape To Concordia, Argentina
concordia argentina
Distance: 12,397 miles

If You Live In Paris or London, Escape To Dunedin, New Zealand
dunedin new zealand
Distance: 11,839 miles from Paris, 11,852 miles from London

If You Live In Sydney, Escape To San Cristóbal De La Laguna, Spain
san cristóbal de la laguna spain
Distance: 11,604 miles

If You Live In Tokyo, Escape To Criciúma, Brazil
Distance: 11,713 miles

If You Live In Buenos Aires, Escape To Jiangsu Province, China
jiangsu province
Distance: 12,188 miles

If You Live In Cairo, Escape To Tauranga, New Zealand
Distance: 10,363 miles

If You Live In Cape Town, Escape To Honolulu, Hawaii
Distance: 11,529 miles

Tell us in the comments where the furthest place on Earth is from your location!

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