Fusebox: The Writer's Room with Katherine Catmull

This podcast features writer Katherine Catmull, (photo credit: Leon Alesi) talking about her creative space. Catmull's novel Summer and Bird will be published by Dutton Juvenile (Penguin) in October 2012. She is also an actor and playwright.

It's part of a series spun out of Fusebox Festival's The Writer's Room, A Home Studio Tour curated by Elizabeth Doss and Annie La Ganga.

Producer Deepa Donde in association with American Short Fiction gathered writers into a studio for this series. Donde got a preview of the walking tour, and shares these thoughts about Katherine Catmull's space:

You might think upon meeting Katerine Catmull, that she is soft and sweet, like a fairy princess or a Glenda The Goodwitch come to life. Well she is. She introduces us to the ghosts of her past. A beautifully framed image of her great grandfather and grandmother and the theater troupe of O.J. Farnsworth's Imperial Players - the Love Eternal. To unearth the caverns underneath, writers mine from all kinds of places. A family tree is one of them. She delicately guides us into her "inside space" - painted the color blue. And I look anxiously upon her bookcase to see if she talks to the same writers I do. She does. There is Virginia Woof. Edith Wharton. Interspersed between her parentheses is a cornucopia of such fun discovery - A hardback cover of Gray's Anatomy, A Chaucer, Enough Dickens to take a long swim within. Us writers amazed by her book collection ask her about it, and she shrugs her shoulders, "I was an English major." And laughs outloud an infectious giggle that makes us girls in the room know exactly why she is one of the top Young Adult fiction writers of our time.

The Writer's Room, A Home Studio Tour was part of the 2012 Fusebox Festival in Austin, Texas.

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