The Futility of Searching for Your Life Purpose

I hate when people talk about finding their "life purpose."

I meet so many people who are letting life pass them by as they search for this elusive "destiny." So many people think that unless their life is extraordinary, they have not achieved what they are here for.

We so often seek the extraordinary and fail to see the wonder in the everyday things around us.

Many people believe that angels only appear on earth at extraordinary moments, at times of great importance.

That's not my experience though.

I see angels every day; I see them as physically as I see someone standing in front of me. I see them with people as they bring out the trash, as they wash the car, as they walk to school. I don't just see angels when there are major events happening in the world -- I see them with us as we go about our everyday, mundane life.

To me, seeing angels isn't extraordinary; to me it's an ordinary, everyday thing. I have no idea why I can see them and others can't. I am just an ordinary woman, living an ordinary life.

The angels show me so many people who are failing to see the joy and importance in their everyday lives, because they are waiting for the moment to discover the "reason" they are here or "why they exist."

The truth is we all share a common life purpose. We are here to live each and every moment of our lives to the full. Life is so fragile, so short and every second of it counts.

Many people have a burning desire to be special and to be recognized as such. The truth is that we are all special. There is no such thing as an insignificant life and every life is unique.

Stop waiting! Stop searching! Don't let life pass you by. Live today to the full. Enjoy all that is in it -- yes, washing the dishes is part of your life purpose, so is listening to how your child got on at school, writing that report or smiling at a stranger.

The angels have shown me that people believe that if they achieve their "life purpose" everything in their life will be perfect. They will have no stress, no emotional or financial problems, no sickness, and no loss.

That's simply not true. These things are a part of life and no one -- no one -- escapes from them. Life can be very tough, but if you are living it fully you will always see hope ahead of you and you will find moments of joy, even in the toughest of circumstances. You will worry less and be much more receptive to the many different paths and opportunities that will unfold in front of you.

When you stop searching and start living you will discover how much more there is to life.

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