'Futurama' Series Finale Breaks Time, Gives Fry And Leela A Lifetime Together (VIDEO)

It was the series finale of "Futurama" -- again. After an interrupted seven-season run, the show may have finally run its course. And so it ended with heart, focusing on Fry and Leela. Fry finally mustered up the courage to pop the question, but things didn't go quite as planned. And it all had to do with a device that could turn back time, but only by ten seconds.

The first time she reached for the ring, the clam it was in clamped down and severed her hand. Later, thinking Leela had decided not to marry him, Fry jumped off the Vampire State Building. But on his way down, he saw her walking up. His watch was fast because of all the times he'd jumped back in time. He did so again, but unfortunately, he'd been falling for more than ten seconds. And so, he was stuck in a time loop.

Ultimately, the gang managed to save Fry, but he inadvertently broke the time device, and froze time -- for everyone but Fry and Leela. And so, they got to spend their entire lives together. They got married, traveled and had as full a life as they could in a world where everyone and everything is frozen in time.

In the end, though, Professor Farnsworth showed up and fixed the button. He was going to reset time to before he'd even invented the time button, thus essentially resetting everything back to the way it was -- even before Fry proposed. As Zap2It's Billy Niles put it, this gave the cast "the opportunity to go around again, presented by a dues ex machina Professor Farnsworth, giving fans the knowledge that the entire crew would still be out there on interplanetary adventures? The icing on the cake.”

The AV Club rated the finale an "A," noting that "maybe that’s how you say goodbye: by saying hello again.” And so, the adventures of the Planet Express and "Futurama" are done forever now. Or are they?

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