'Future CNN' Is The Foreboding Twitter Feed Of Your Nightmares

"It’s sort of a rogue time-traveling CNN operative warning us from the future," says the man behind the account.

It’s the news, but hopefully as we won’t ever know it.

A parody Twitter account imagines how CNN might report on President Donald Trump’s administration in the not-so-distant future.

And the @FutureCNN feed foresees a dystopian time ― when lawmakers refuse to comment on America’s war with Mexico, Democrats are skewered for “liking” Ivanka Trump’s Instagram posts and contributors debate if launching a nuclear weapon would help soothe Trump’s ego.

New York video editor Daniel Solé claims credit for the feed, which he launched last month. “Something about the tenor of the discussions on [CNN] began to gnaw at me, both before and after the election,” the 34-year-old told The Huffington Post via email this week.

“They aren’t Fox, and they aren’t MSNBC,” he said. “[CNN] seems to be trying its damnedest to occupy a middle ground that’s mostly been obliterated. I see it as both noble and desperate, but mostly dystopian.”

Solé described his parody account as “sort of a rogue time-traveling CNN operative warning us from the future while we still have a chance to change it.”

With almost 13,000 followers ― including, Solé claimed, several CNN hosts — he balances the posts between “humor and horror,” but admitted they often lean “hard towards the latter.”

“The priority is plausibility,” he said. “But shaded with a little comedy to help it go down easier.”