7 Foods You'll Be Eating In The Future (PHOTOS)

If you write a book about the future of food, you will frequently get The Question.

"So... what are the foods of the future?"

I'd been evading that one for a couple of years with various deflections ("Well, the book is really about...) and mealy-mouthed excuses ("Still researching").

The reason I'd been punting on the "Thou Will Eat" answers is because of what I'd learned about food prognostication - the Italian who portended the end of pasta, the two 40s-era idealists who predicted that plankton was the future of food. (See Warren Belasco's Meals to Come: A History of the Future of Food for more). And in my reporting, I kept running into erroneous predictions -- we were supposed to have test-tube pork, food pills and Safeway Select cobia nuggets by now.

So, it took me some time to warm to the idea of unveiling my own forecast. But after a couple of years on the food frontier, I can confidently say you'll see more of these seven foods in 2042.