The Future Of Photography: 7 Images From 2012 That Should Make You Excited For 2013 And Beyond

7 Stunning Images That Redefined Picture-Taking In 2012

I would sum the the year in personal photography like this: 2012 was a good year to photograph your dog; and given the advances and emerging technologies in casual picture-taking that were introduced this year, 2013 will be even better.

Yes, 2012 gave us plenty of reasons to be excited about the future of mobile photography: We got to play with a cheap camera whose breathtaking photos could be focused after they were taken; we were introduced, in ecstatic fashion, to an unobtrusive pair of connected eyeglasses that could take pictures at any time, without even having to lift a finger; and companies like Apple and Nokia pushed the boundaries of what level of clarity and brilliance from a smartphone camera was possible.

We've collected 7 photos taken from devices other than traditional point-and-shoot cameras that we think crystallize the reasons for our excitement. These pics represent some of the great innovations in personal photography accomplished or released in 2012. Look below to see why you (and your dog) should be excited for the pictures you could be taking in 2013.

Google Glass

7 Photos That Hint At The Future Of Photography

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