Universities Fight State Bans To Keep Illegal Students In School

A group of faculty members from the University of Georgia voted overwhelmingly in favor of opposing a State policy which bans undocumented students form attending state schools under certain conditions last Thursday, the Athens Banner-Herald reported.

Last year, the State of Georgia passed a policy which bans undocumented students from attending state university if it means they would be taking spots away from students living in the state legally, the AP reported. It's a departure from Georgia lawmakers' earlier plan of action, which called for banning all admitted undocumented students from attending state schools.

An increasing number of colleges and universities have taken a formal stance on undocumented students. Days before the University of Georgia vote was announced, a college thousands of miles away took an official stance on undocumented students by posting a brief announcement on its website. According to the website of Whitman College, a prestigious liberal arts school in Walla Walla, WA, the right of all students to attend college, regardless of citizenship, is not up for debate:

As colleges and universities continue to debate the role of undocumented students, they've looked for alternative ways of getting an education. A number of undocumented students banned from studying at the University of Georgia, for example, meet every Sunday morning at an undisclosed location near the college's campus and are taught by four volunteer professors as part of an ad hoc college known as Freedom University, CNN reported.