Future Trend Watch: Something Positive, For a Change

2015 saw a rise in the use of the term "Mindfulness" to describe "Right Action." Here's one: this report shows how businesses around the world will spend $10 Trillion on low carbon technology with the right policy framework.

The sun shines in everyone's backyard. In times of war, men lead. So who will pick up the leadership when the battlefront shifts to the home front? Behavioral scientists around the globe are showing how "small changes can make a big difference."

There is a pattern to life, and a pace. How big is the GAP between your plan and reality?- You can close this gap, by reminding yourself that every action you take is politics. You are already a leader because you lead by example. Like everything else, practice makes perfect. You can now perfect your own style of leadership, online.

Online training is becoming big business with more than 100,000 focused on women's leadership alone. When a reporter from Fortune Magazine contacted me for a story, she said: "Yours is the ONLY one focused on the FEMALE brain. Tell me more." So I did.

With that in mind, here are some favorite 2015 columns:

Alexia Parks, an American futurist, is a Virtual Mentor with the United Nations, and Founder of the Alexia Parks 10 TRAITS Leadership Institute.