Artist Lip-Syncs Entire GOP Debate While Dressed As A Clown

Rachel Mason takes on the Republican presidential candidates.

For anyone out there who watched Tuesday night's terrifying Republican debate in a state of total wonder and disbelief, artist Rachel Mason is here to make the already surreal experience a bit more trippy.

Mason whipped out her handy Internet-based alter ego FutureClown to do what she does best, reenact the whole disastrous event. "I have just been mesmerized by the debates as a public spectacle," Mason told The Huffington Post, "and obviously with Donald Trump being a viable candidate, it really blurs the line between reality and fiction."

In the video above, Mason dons white face paint, sad clown makeup and a typical jester ensemble. Illuminated by an ominous red glow, FutureClown perfectly lip-syncs every word that came out of the mouths of Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, John Kasich and Jeb Bush. Yes, Mason achieved the near impossible task of making Trump look more clownish than he's already appeared.

You'll feel an indescribable urge to giggle and vomit when you see FutureClown, with the voice of Ben Carson, pronounce: "We need to make sure any place -- I don't care if it's a mosque, a school, a theater, it doesn't matter! If there are a lot of people getting there, engaging and radicalizing activities, we need to be suspicious of it. We need to get rid of all this PC stuff. People are worried about -- people are going to say that I'm Islamophobic or what have you. This is craziness!"

Despite being very politically engaged, FutureClown will abstain from voting come the 2016 election. "FutureClown doesn't vote," Mason said. "I view candidates as people who are obsessed with winning. And candidates on both sides, left and right, have much more in common with each other than almost anyone else. It really is an outrageous thing to want to be the president of any country. I truly question the motivation of anyone that wants to do it. And that includes candidates whose views I support."

In the past, FutureClown has reenacted Wendy Davis and Rand Paul's Filibusters -- the latter timing in at 13 hours. She also mouthed a version of "Stairway to Heaven" in a Guitar Center with middle school students.

Mason's work recently appeared on "The F Word," a documentary on fourth wave feminist artists. Learn more about it here.
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