22 'Fyre' Tweets About The Disaster That Was The Fyre Festival

Twitter could not help itself.

This Ja Rules.

Fyre Festival, a luxury music festival organized by Ja Rule on a private island in the Bahamas, ended up being a straight-up disaster when concertgoers arrived on Thursday.

Blink 182, one of the bands scheduled to headline, pulled out at the last minute. Accommodations were a mess, as well. Tents were half-built; there were feral dogs running amuck; and the promised gourmet grub was actually sad-looking cheese sandwiches, based on numerous social media reports.

Naturally, attendees were angry, being that they paid $5,000 to $250,000 for tickets, according to Rolling Stone.

And let’s just say that the news of a bunch of rich kids not attending the super-luxe party they thought they were going to inspired quite a few jokes on Twitter.

Here’s the most “fyre” ones:

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