G-20 Leaders Goof Around During Photo-Op (SLIDESHOW)

The G-20 summit isn't all serious talk about the global financial crisis, regulation and IMF funding.

World leaders managed to yuck it up a bit this morning during their group photo. Check out the boys... and girls... of the G-20 goofing around.

For more information on what the leaders decided on after the photo-op, read below from the AP or go to HuffPost's G-20 BigNews Page:

LONDON - Prime Minister Gordon Brown says leaders at the G-20 summit have agreed to give $1 trillion to the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank to help struggling nations around the world.

Brown also says the 20 countries at the summit will enact common policies to crack down on tax havens, regulate hedge funds, and rebuild trust in the financial system to "prevent a crisis such as this from happening again."

He says the G-20 nations will also give emerging powers a greater say in the world economy.

Brown did not outline any new fiscal measures but says that the stimulus packages already announced by major nations have already been the biggest in history.