G-20 Protests: Send Us Your Photos

Protesters from around the world are descending on London in preparation for Thursday's much-anticipated G-20 Summit. British police are preparing for tens of thousands of demonstrators to protest at four main sites across London.

Are you planning on protesting, or watching them? Send us your photographs. The best photos will be published on the Huffington Post.

The slideshow below contains photographs submitted by HuffPost readers who attended Saturday's event. If you will be attending any G-20 rallies during the rest of this week, send your pictures to

Make sure to include your full name (so we can credit your work), where you are from, and a caption describing the context and location of each photograph.

If you are a citizen journalist looking for the location and times of the week's events, check out Demotix. The HuffPost will be partnering with Demotix to cover the summit.

London's Put People First March

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