G. Garvin, 'Road Trip' Host, Shares His Best Advice For Traveling Solo This Fall (VIDEO)

Fall may feel like the opportune time to reconnect with family and friends, but with the holidays on the way, there'll be plenty of time for that! Until then, we've been rounding up some of the best places in the country to pass the time, from hot new eateries in NYC to the latest places to shop around Washington, D.C.

We also tapped culinary whiz G. Garvin for his best solo travel advice.

Garvin's expertise as host of The Cooking Channel’s "Road Trip with G. Garvin" not only applies in the kitchen (where he's been building his rep since he was a teen) but out on the travel circuit as well.

Garvin took a break from his own travels (which have taken him around the country and the world learning all about the culinary arts) for a brief chat on how best to hit the road alone this fall.

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