G.A. Mangus Arrested: South Carolina QB Coach Caught Urinating In Public [UPDATED]

UPDATE: Gamecocks coach Steve Spurrier has suspended quarterbacks coach G.A. Mangus following his arrest.


University of South Carolina Quarterbacks Coach G.A. Mangus was arrested early this morning after he was found urinating on the street near a bar, WLTX in South Carolina reports

Josh Kendall of The State Newspaper
reported that Mangus' speech was slurred and he was "uncooperative" when being questioned by the police officer.

Mangus was charged with nuisance conduct and booked into the Greenville County Detention Center at 1:59 a.m, according to Spencer Hall of SB Nation.

The fact that USC's quarterback coach has been arrested seems like quite a coincidence, given that the teams starting quarterback, Stephen Garcia, is no stranger to trouble. Garcia has been suspended by the team five times since he arrived on campus in 2007. He was just re-instated this past May following his latest suspension, which was doled out only two weeks after Garcia guaranteed he would not get in trouble again.