Gabrielle Giffords' Call For Sympathy And Understanding Is Met With... Hate

The assassination attempt survivor's impassioned tweet about Wednesday's shooting prompted some unsavory replies.

As an assassination attempt survivor, former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.) knows a thing or two about gun violence. In 2011, the congresswoman was shot in the head during a campaign event in Arizona.

On Wednesday, she reacted to the news of a shooting at a congressional baseball practice with deep sympathy for those affected. She also expressed appreciation for the Capitol Police, whose quick response undoubtedly stopped a tragic situation from becoming worse:

While the vast majority of respondents from all sides of the political spectrum welcomed the compassionate tweet:

Others didn’t.

Instead, a subset of angry internet trolls latched onto Giffords as a target, attacking her on Twitter and accusing her of all manner of wrongs.

Alexandria Shooting At Congressional Baseball Practice

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