Gabby Reece Clarifies Traditional Gender Roles And 'Submissive' Comments On 'Chelsea Lately' (VIDEO)

Volleyball star Gabby Reece stopped by "Chelsea Lately" to address the controversy that erupted over a comment she made on the "Today" show. She was on that show to promote her new book on parenting -- "My Foot Is Too Big for the Glass Slipper" -- available now. She said that the secret to her marriage to professional surfer Laird Hamilton was the adopting of traditional gender roles.

The statement made headlines, and got the attention of many feminist groups, who took issue with Gabby's suggestion that women should be "submissive." Reece clarified what she meant on "Chelsea."

"They took it out of context," she insisted. "And Laird said to me -- he started laughing -- he goes, ‘Really, did you tell them you think that, but you don’t actually do that?”

She said that what she was trying to say is that "it’s just nice if one person takes on the female and one takes the male."

Reece wasn't too upset about the extra publicity, though, as it's actually proven good for the book. Sales are up.

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