Gabourey Sidibe Flirts With Pauly D On 'Live!': 'I'm A Grenade Who's DTF' (VIDEO)

Gabourey Sidibe certainly knows how to make an entrance. Tuesday on "Live! With Kelly" (weekdays on ABC) the "The Big C" actress managed to break out the running man, make fun of Howie Mandel's germaphobia and flirt with DJ Pauly D in a span of about a minute.

When Sidibe was introduced, Pauly D, DJ'ing from the new set's upper level, chose NSYNC's "I Want You Back" for her walk-out music. She responded by doing the running man for a few steps as she made her way towards Kelly Ripa and Howie Mandel.

When she reached the hosts, she hugged Mandel, and promptly busted his chops about his infamous germaphobia. "I didn't know if you touch or not," she said. "I do, I just don't shake hands," he replied.

After Sidibe got settled in her chair, she turned around and, smiling, waved hello to "Jersey Shore" star Pauly D. Noticing that she seemed smitten, Mandel asked if she was a fan of Pauly's.

"I'm a grenade who's DTF," Sidibe quipped, speaking in perfect "Jersey Shore" parlance. And then everyone laughed uncomfortably.

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