Gabrielle Union: Dwyane Wade Banned Me From Courtside Seats At Miami Heat Games (VIDEO)

WATCH: Gabrielle Union Banned From Heat's Courtside Seats

If you haven’t seen actress Gabrielle Union courtside at Miami Heat games cheering on her man Dwyane Wade, don’t worry: their relationship's fine, it's just that he's banned her from sitting front and center.

“I don’t sit courtside; that got killed when I became as vocal as I am,” the enthusiastic heckler told Conan O’Brien. (Watch her interview with Coco above.)

Union said that because of her jeers against opposing teammates and referees, Wade told her to move further away from the court as he could hear every word she said -- including some jeers when her man messes up.

"I feel like, who's gonna tell him if not me?" she laughingly told a flabbergasted Conan, admitting she's yelled both "Airball!" and "Brick!" at her boyfriend.

Future NBA girlfriends can take a few heckler's pointers from Union, who reportedly began dating Wade after his split from ex-wife Siohvaughn in 2007.

“I time it out perfectly for maximum effect,” she said, likening herself to aggressive basketball coach Bobby Knight and movie character “The Great Santini,” known for his in-the-face taunting of his son.

Union confessed to yelling at an aging referee, “You’ll get your Viagra if you just make a call!” and wounding a heavy-set player with a well-timed “Your Spanx are showing!'"

The 'Think Like A Man' star previously told ESPN her love of sports is a part of the pair's relationship. Union grew up playing sports and rooting for the Nebraska Cornhuskers; she dated basketball player Jason Kidd in high school and was married to football player Chris Howard.

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