Gacy Victim Identified By DNA Testing More Than 30 Years After His Death (VIDEO)

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart on Tuesday announced the identity of a previously unknown victim of infamous serial killer John Wayne Gacy.

William George Bundy, who went missing in October 1976 at the age of 19, was identified as one of Gacy's victims via DNA technology available only available in recent years, the Chicago Tribune reports. He had been identified by his brother Robert and sister Laura, who both attended the Tuesday news conference.

Bundy, previously known as Victim No. 19, according to the Chicago Sun-Times, was a Senn High School dropout who was never seen again after he said he was going to a party, but left his wallet at home. He, like many of Gacy's victims, had worked in construction.

"It is a proud day for the office, in particular, our detectives and staff that have been working these leads and cases," Dart said Tuesday, as reported by CBS Chicago. "And to help bring some sort of closure and maybe peace to a family is something we are all hopeful for."

Bundy's body was found among 28 others in 1978 on the property of Gacy's home. According to CBS, his mother had always suspected he was one of the serial killer's victims. When she turned to her son's dental records to help identify the body, she found out that the dentist had retired and that the records had been destroyed.

In October, a presumed Gacy victim, Harold Wayne Lovell, was located, alive and well, after not being heard from by his family for 34 years. One apparent survivor of a Gacy attack, Patrick Dati, also recently came forward about his traumatizing experience.

Gacy, known to have killed 33 young men between 1972 and 1978, was executed in 1994. As NBC Chicago reports, Gacy himself once estimated his body count at "well past 50."

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