Gaddafi Dead: Family May File War Crimes Complaint

Muammar Gaddafi's family may file a war crimes complaint against NATO with the International Criminal Court, AFP reports. Gaddafi's family has targeted the organization for its alleged role in the former Libyan leader's death.

"The willful killing (of someone protected by the Geneva Convention) is defined as a war crime by article 8 of the ICC's Rome Statute," Marcel Ceccaldi, a French lawyer for the family told AFP. "Gaddafi's homicide shows that the goal of (NATO) member states was not to protect civilians but to overthrow the regime."

Gaddafi died on October 20, 2011, after Libyan fighters took control of his hometown Sirte. Gaddafi's convoy out of Sirte was reportedly overrun by Libyan fighters after being hit by a NATO airstrike. Libya's National Transitional Council says the former leader died in a firefight between fighters and Gaddafi loyalists. Yet videos that show Gaddafi alive after his capture suggest the leader was killed in captivity.

Gaddafi's son Muatassim and former Libyan defense minister Abu Bakr Younis were also killed. All three were buried on Tuesday in an unmarked grave in the Libyan desert.

Libya's National Transitional Council has ordered an investigation into Gaddafi's death.



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