Chargers And Other Little Gadgets To Make Life Easier

These gadgets will make life’s little problems disappear.

Have you ever stumbled across that one product, that you didn’t know existed, but has made all the difference? These time-saving gadgets continuously enter the market, some useful, some not so much.

How do you know which ones are worth the money? Look no further ― we’ve found the gadgets that will actually make your life easier and won’t just add to the clutter.

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Charge your phone on the go
It’s happened to all of us. You’ve had a busy day and your phone battery is on its last leg. When you’re out and about, this poses a problem. This is where the Power Pod comes in handy. Add the Power Pod, the size of a car clicker, to your key chain and plug it in whenever your iPhone needs a charge. It can provide an additional two hours of battery life! Move over bulky charging packs, the Power Pod is changing the game.
Improve your middle-of-the-night bathroom trip
Who else wakes up like clockwork in the middle of the night to use the bathroom? If this sounds like you, consider the 8-Color Toilet Night Light. This motion sensor LED light will turn on and illuminate your toilet, so you can avoid turning on the overhead light. Buyers love this product, “Got [it] as a silly gift for my husband. Married 50 years and running out of ideas for presents. He loves it. Says it helps with the "aim" at night without turning on the overhead light” - Kim
A 3-pack of self-watering planters
If you love houseplants but don’t have the greenest of thumbs, consider a self-watering pot. With these stylish pots, gone are the days of over- or under-watering your plants. Just remember to keep the bottom portion of the pot filled with water. One happy customer said, “Love the planters. My plants have been doing really well since I transferred them. Will be getting more in the future for sure.” - Silmara
Two pairs of tongs to stop the struggle with your toaster
Here’s some great cooking advice: put your day-old banana bread in the toaster. It is crispy on the outside, warm and so delicious. But getting this smaller piece of bread out of the toaster can be a bit tricky, that's where reusable bamboo toast tongs come in. These tongs will help you remove the smallest pieces of bread from the toaster with ease, and as a bonus, they’re great for the air fryer!
Say bye-bye to pesky pet hair
If you have a dog or cat that's prone to frequent shedding, this portable lint remover could be the game-changer you’ve been looking for. Use it on your carpets or even for remove pilling on sweaters and coats. One promising review stated, “Perfect for getting pet hair off of stubborn surfaces and out of the carpet. I used this on our bedspread and living room chairs - did not do any damage and did a great job removing the hair!” - Armstrong.
Gift yourself a smart assistant
If you’ve gone this long without a smart assistant, you don’t know what you’re missing. You can find out the temperature while you’re getting dressed, play your favorite songs upon request and set timers in the kitchen all with a simple voice command. The Google Nest Mini is a great way to dip your toe into the world of smart assistants, only taking up a bit of counter space. It also comes in four different colors, so you can find one that matches your decor.
Never lose your things again
Are you prone to losing things? Put an AirTag on it and then you’ll always be able to locate it. The Apple AirTag is so small it can be attached to your keyring or slipped into your handbag. It can even provide peace of mind as one reviewer explained, “I'm a paranoid person. When our parking lot was being tore up to have new blacktop put in and I had to park on the street for a week instead of the garage, I got one of these to put in the glove box for some peace of mind that my car was still where I left it. Decided to keep it there since i park in a very large parking lot at work, where there's a fair share of sketchy folks around.” - Meow86
No more muddy footprints
No one wants muddy footprints on their clean floors, but cleaning the muddy shoes themselves can also be a hassle. Not anymore with the Outdoor Boot Scraper Brush! Keep your shoes on and brush off the mud using this nifty device. This highly reviewed product is also great for beachgoers who need to remove sand from their shoes.
Cut down on kitchen cleanup
Who hasn’t turned on a mixer only to have flour instantly flying all over the kitchen? Now there is a solution to this issue: the mixing bowl splatter guard! Just put the plastic covering over the bowl before turning on your mixer. One reviewer raved about the product, “I truly needed [it] since a lot of baking was done during the holidays. It was easy to use and I bought one for my granddaughter who recently started baking. She was soooo excited when she saw it.” - GrammaRain
Stop struggling with jar lids
Everyone has struggled to open a jar at one time or another, but never again! Buy the 4-in-1 jar opener with the grip and strength to open even the trickiest of jars with the flick of your wrist. This device has almost all rave reviews, such as, “It's so easy to use. I have arthritis in both hands and it was so easy to open my jars and bottles with this. I ordered the jar opener that runs on batteries and is a Seen ON TV product and sent it back. Didn't work with large jars and I paid twice as much compared to this one. Highly recommend!”
Don’t worry about overweight luggage
Gone are the days of guessing the weight of your bag before heading to the airport. No more standing on the scale with your luggage and doing the math to come up with the weight. Simply attach this handheld luggage scale to your suitcase and lift it to find the weight of your bag. Depending on your strength, you may want some help, unless you can lift up to 110 pounds!
Stay cool on the hottest days
Stop sweating (as much) outside with this portable neck fan. This portable neck fan has three speeds and can last from 2 1/2 to 6 hours depending on which speed you pick. Don’t take our word for it, this product has several great reviews, including this one by Jamie. L: “I absolutely love this fan. My son keeps stealing it from me. I get really hot in the face especially when I work out and this was amazing to use at the gym. I am about to take it on a cruise next week as well. It's like having my own personal fan person. Love being hands free!”
A super-durable Chromebook

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