Gael Garcia Bernal Will Star In Jon Stewart's Directorial Debut 'Rosewater'

Gael Garcia Bernal Teams Up With Jon Stewart

By Michael Lopez


Fans of The Daily Show got a nice bit of news last week. It seems host Jon Stewart will be leaving his desk for a few months to direct his first film. And interestingly enough, he’s chosen Gael Garcia Bernal to star in it.

Rosewater will begin shooting shortly and it’s already building a ton of buzz among political junkies. Based on the real-life capture of a British journalist in Iran, it’s a far stretch from the comedy Stewart fans are used to.

Gael, on the other hand, has starred in quite a few political dramas up to this point. Most recently he headlined the Oscar-nominated No, based on the ousting of Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet.

We imagine Rosewater will follow those same lines of intrigue. Let’s hope it helps Garcia Bernal capture the Academy’s attention once again…perhaps in the Best Actor category.

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