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Gaia Retreat and Spa Wins Top International Honors In Australia

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New South Wales, Australia

By Nancy Gould Chuda Founder and Editor-in-Chief of LuxEcoLiving and co-founder of Healthy Child Healthy World

Gregg Cave is a brilliant creative pioneer in the travel industry. He literally just stepped off the plane having received the most prestigious award yet, Best Oceanic Day Spa and Best World Day Spa.

Cave has personally designed, implemented, marketed and managed Gaia Retreat and Spa from its inception, along with the help of his partners, one being his closest family friend, Olivia Newton-John.

Tied to the magic of the earth with a profound connection to it his mission is to help others heal. From his point of view he pays homage to the land in which it sits and to a phenomenal staff that continues to infuse their love and impulsive desire to restore wellness to each and every guest.

I had a chance to talk with Gregg Cave about Gaia's mission and the shared vision that continually perpetuates the brand that has now been recognized world wide by every notable travel award. It's like winning the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness and the Belmont Stakes all rolled in one. It's hard to imagine how a seed of an idea could produce so many beautiful experiences for so many people in the world.

NGC- Tell us about your inspirational moment and why you created Gaia?

GC-Where to start?? I think the inspirational moment came for Olivia and I to create Gaia from a simple dream we both had. We had visited this property, actually with you and Jim while taking you both to the airport. On our return Olivia thought we should pop in again and take another look as there was something truly magical about the land. We were looking for a house for me to buy. The next morning Olivia was making me a of tea, when I stumbled out with sleepy eyes and mumbled - I dreamt we brought that property and called it Bella Vista Retreat. She turned to me quickly and said she dreamt about it too, that we bought it and called it Gaia Resort. Then over our cup of tea we mapped out what would we do if we did buy the 25 acre property. Before we knew it - Gaia Retreat & Spa was born.

NGC-What makes Gaia so special, different from other resorts and spas in the world?

I think what makes Gaia so incredibly special is firstly the energy of land, we learned after we purchased the property that is was a Spiritual Aboriginal Women's birthing land, there are two geographically mapped lines that actually run directly through the property and our Day Spa, which explains the deep healing work that is done here. The energy from the past contributes to the healing we do today. I am convinced.

NGC-What makes you the most proud?

GC-What makes me most proud is to see the clarity and the light we bring to people's lives - that personal detail touch and giving a space (guilt free) for a genuine "time out." When guests leave we see the transformation and the change in people's lives. We receive 2 -5 letters per week from guests praising our wonderful team and the quality services they deliver. That to me speaks a thousand words...Tell me when was the last time you wrote to a hotel?

NGC- Your menu at Gaia has gotten a lot of attention and so have the treatments you offer. Explain briefly

GC-Keep it simple, keep it flavoursome... keep it Organic!!! The food we serve at Gaia is Organic from the 'Garden to Table' and is brought in fresh every day. We tailor to our guests dietary requirements and offer a glass of wine at night to complete the Gaia experience. As far as the treatments go, I believe our therapists and healers are some of the finest in the world. We give our therapists and healers tremendous respect and trust and they in return, bring the best of their best to the table and simply ask our guests to surrender and receive...

NGC_You have just launched your own GAIA products, Retreatment, that replenishes, restores, cleanses but most of all helps women and men retain a youthful appearance without chemicals, parabens, or egregious additives. Tell us about GAIA's new youthful beauty regime and how can people buy it?

Olivia chimed in on this question.

"I love the formulas that we have created for Gaia 's Retreatment skincare line. Firstly they are certified organic and feel beautifully nourishing on your skin.
And secondly, I love that we used Australian native extracts for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
Both benefits being close to my heart."
LuxEcoLiving-Olivia and her husband John Easterling at Gaia

NGC- You just won another prestigious award for Best Spa in the World? Congratulations... tell us about this and other recent awards and accolades?

GC-GAIA has been given, Oh My Gosh Nancy! We are beyond words! I cannot express how deeply touched we are to receive this incredible Accolades. We were honored to be voted by the World Spa Awards - Best Oceanic Day Spa and Best World Day Spa - It is a real credit to the heart that each of our team bring to work each day, these awards are for them with Grace & Gratitude.

NGC-One of your partners, Olivia Newton-John has invested more than money in seems to be a major focus in her life!

GC-Olivia has been a major influence in the development of the Gaia Brand from day one and still continues to play an important integral role in it's growth. There are four owners Olivia, Warwick Evans, Ruth Kalnin and myself, each contributing our bit. Olivia and I have a special attachment to Gaia - I guess because we found it, dreamt it and live and breathe it. We love seeing the change it brings to people's lives. We both believe, it was after the passing of her dear mother Irene ( who was like a second mum to me) that we found Gaia, Irene led us to do this and her spirit rose up and lives on. I loved Irene very much and she was an incredible inspiration in my development of the design and understanding the important humanitarian need to discover beauty everywhere.

NGC-Tell us about Olivia's future plans for Gaia?

GC-Olivia's contribution to Gaia is enormous, she has intuitive passion for caring for others and she stands by what she says. Her media profile is huge but it's mostly with her sincere commitment and loyalty to health and well being, that sets her apart. I absolutely adore and love her for that - the truth of success lies with the honor you keep with yourself and with the way you deliver it to others.

Editor's Notes:

Gaia Retreat and Spa 933 Fernleigh Rd, Brooklet NSW 2479, Australia
+61 2 6687 1216

Winner - World Travel Awards Leading Boutique Hotel & Leading Spa Resort 2013 2014

Winner - World Luxury Spa Awards Best Luxury Destination Spa 2013 2014 2015

Winner - The Spa Traveller Best Wellness Spa & Retreat for Solo Travellers 2013 2014Winner - TripAdvisor Travellers Choice 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015Winner - TripAdvisor Hall of Fame Certificate of Excellence 5 consecutive years 2015
Winner - Gourmet Traveller Best Health Retreat 2011

Winner - Conde Nast Traveller Favourite Overseas Hotel/Spa 2008