Gail Simmons Book Trailer: Andy Cohen, Andrew Carmellini Appear In Promo For 'Talking With My Mouth Full'

Gail Simmons book, "Talking With My Mouth Full," comes out on February 21. It's a fun read full of food anecdotes, family stories and of course "Top Chef" tidbits.

In the book's trailer below, Simmons is trying to eat her food at New York's Locande Verde, but fans just won't leave her alone. They want to take her picture, get restaurant recommendations and to get the book without paying. She tries to keep her cool but really, she just wants you to buy her book. Don't worry though, before things get too heated Andy Cohen steps in to save the day.

Make sure to check out Andrew Carmellini's guest spot as a culinary student. (He's the chef of Locanda Verde as well as at The Dutch, which annoying fan #2 inquires about.)

Oh, and you should probably buy Gail Simmons' book, for the sake of her sanity.