Gain Abundance by Purging 3 Things

You've heard about having an attitude of gratitude and how being appreciative of what you have will bring more of the same into your life. So what does it take to have infinite abundance in your life? Answer: live with an abundance mentality. Seems simple, right?

You can manifest anything you want in your life. You just need to pay attention to what you're feeling. Notice when you are connected to powerful negative emotions. Become aware of those feelings and commit to making a shift. Here's a great example.

"Michael" is in the financial services business. He told me how he quadrupled his business by becoming aware of three primary emotions that had been holding him back. He eliminated criticism, judgment and resentment from his life. If there was a situation or someone that bothered him, if there was something that someone did that upset him, he would bite his tongue. He did not criticize; instead he focused on the value and gift he could find in any situation.

He stopped judging himself, his colleagues and his clients. He took that same approach with his family and stopped judging his wife and his children. Seems like a huge task, right? Not really. Michael made one subtle shift. Every morning he got up and went for a walk. He asked for strength to focus on appreciating, to focus on abundance, and on the blessings and situations in his life that were all good. He shifted away from a lack mentality that comes from negative emotions and he moved towards an abundance mentality. Having an abundance mentality means no longer having criticism or judgment towards others. Within a very short period of time, he quadrupled his business. He already had a successful business, but now his success was amazing.

This can be a subtle shift you make for yourself. Take it one day at a time. That may sound like a slogan for an addiction recovery program and in a way it is. We all can become addicted to emotions. You probably know some people who are highly critical. They're always judging others. It is like an addiction. It's what they know; it's familiar.

What about resentment? Do you find yourself resenting other people's successes? Keep in mind that just because someone else is successful does not mean there is not enough to go around or that they are not (or you are not) deserving of success.

For example, I was taking a walk around my neighborhood with my husband and one of his friends when we noticed a very expensive Mercedes (6 figures) parked in front of a neighbor's house. His observation was, "He's probably a drug dealer." My reaction was to think to myself, "Wow, it's amazing how he looks at things."

You can look at what other people have created and appreciate it -- that's an abundance mentality -- or you can take the attitude of my husband's friend who was looking at the car with a lack mentality. Any time you're feeling anything that doesn't feel good, such as criticism, judgment or resentment, you are focusing on lack and therefore shutting down your abundance flow.

You need to appreciate the abundance that's out there, give thanks, consciously, silently and verbally. Give thanks for other people's abundance. There is more than enough abundance to go around. Just because someone else is successful does not mean they have taken away your ability to have the same thing, or more.

If you are unsure how to get started and stay connected to an abundance mentality, here's what I recommend. This works for me and it has proven results with many of my clients.

Create an abundance journal and write in it every day. Respond to these prompts: What do you see that there's an abundance of? What are you feeling appreciation for? What do you appreciate about yourself? What do you have an abundance of already in your life, and where do you see abundance around you? You don't have to respond to every question, they are designed to stimulate your thinking, to get you focusing on having an abundance mentality.

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