Gal Gadot Visits Children's Hospital Dressed As Wonder Woman

The actress showed off her superhero powers in the ultimate cosplay.

That’s no ordinary cosplayer: That’s Wonder Woman herself.

Gal Gadot, dressed as the comic character she plays in blockbuster movies, made a superheroic appearance at Inova Children’s Hospital in Falls Church, Virginia, recently.

Gadot, 33, is filming the “Wonder Woman” sequel “Wonder Woman 1984” nearby, in and around Washington, D.C.

Her drop-by appeared to thrill patients, staff and parents. This beats boffo box office any day.

One woman, Kelly Swink Sahady, thanked the actress for spending time with her daughter Karalyne, a leukemia patient who’s awaiting a bone marrow transplant, according to her GoFundMe page. “We’re fans for life now,” Sahady said in a video.

You are a true Wonder Woman,” Dr. Lucas Collazo wrote on Twitter.

Check out other pics of Gadot, er, Wonder Woman in action.

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