Bet You Didn't Know Gal Gadot Is Pronounced With A Hard 'T'

Let the "Wonder Woman" actress school you on saying her name.

Wonder Woman” hits theaters nationwide on Friday, which means the name “Gal Gadot” is presently everywhere as Warner Bros. ramps up promotional efforts for what will likely be a blockbuster hit. 

The actress, who plays the titular superhero, hails from Israel. As you discuss her fabulous performance, you may be tempted to imbue her surname with a French inflection, dropping the “t” as in the word for that scary dish involving mollusks. 

Beware this temptation.

Gal Gadot pronounces her name with a hard “T,” as BrowBeat recently pointed out, unearthing a year-old interview the actress gave on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” 

Just after arriving on stage, but before bluntly asking host Jimmy Kimmel’s opinion of her breasts, Gadot gave a lesson: Gal, said more like “Gaul,” and Gadot, said “gah-DOHT.” 

Hear it in the first few seconds below:

GadoT explained that the names mean “wave” and “riverbank,” respectively. (Although the family name used to be Greenstein.) 

Speaking to Kimmel just before “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” hit theaters, the actress went on to describe how she’d been plagued by fanboys’ comments about her body since taking on the role of Wonder Woman. But if early reviews of her character’s breakout film are any indication, the prevailing conversation will be much more substantial. Ready your alveolars.

“Wonder Woman” premieres nationwide June 2. 



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