Galaxy S4 Concept Photos: A Beautiful, Imaginary Look At Samsung's Next Smartphone

In my preview of the Galaxy S4, a sizzler of a phone that Samsung will unveil on March 14th barring some unforeseen calamity, I mentioned that we haven't really seen any reliable "spy-shots" or photographs of the device quite yet.

This is a a change-of-pace, as generally these things have a way of leaking out prior to the grand reveal (just ask Apple). For the S4, though, not a picture, video, Instagram, SnapChat or Vine has yet to emerge, with a week until its premiere.

In lieu of actual visual evidence, then, we offer you this: An absolutely beautiful rendering of what Samsung's Galaxy S4 might just look like. It comes via Martin Hajek, who is quickly establishing himself as the Picasso of mainstream gadget renderings based on pre-release leaks, and GottaBeMobile, a tech website that commissioned the work.

You can view the video below; GottaBeMobile's Josh Smith talks through some of the rumored specs and features for the soundtrack. Devoted Samsung fans might want to snap on a bib to catch the drool:

You can see more mockups at GBM; and then, for dessert, you can watch me talk about the Galaxy S4 with a bunch of Apple fans on HuffPost Live below. One of them even admits that the eye-scrolling feature sounds pretty cool!