Exploding Samsung Galaxy S4 Allegedly Starts Fire, Destroys House

A Samsung Galaxy S4 Allegedly Did This

Samsung's hottest smartphone got a little too hot for one man in Hong Kong.

The man, known only as Du, says a flaming Samsung Galaxy S4 torched his entire house, according to a report on Chinese website Xianguo.com.

Du claims that while playing the game "Love Machine" he was startled by a loud pop from the phone's battery. He says he reacted quickly and threw the phone onto a nearby sofa, which promptly caught fire. The flames spread and caused serious damage to the house. He and his wife were able to escape without injuries.

The news follows a report earlier this month of 18-year-old Swiss woman who received third degree burns on her leg after her Samsung Galaxy S3 exploded in her pocket. In 2012, a man in Dublin said that his Galaxy S3 caught fire while on his car's dashboard.

Unofficial products have been fingered as the culprit in some of these incidents, including the case of an 18-year-old Swiss woman, whose phone exploded. She was using a discount replacement battery at the time.

Mr. Du has said that his phone, charger and battery were all authentic Samsung products. Samsung Hong Kong said it is looking into the matter.

Scary, freak phone accidents aren't limited to Samsung. In the past month a Chinese woman was reportedly killed by an electric shock from her iPhone 5 when she answered a call as the phone was charging, while a Chinese man fell into a coma under similar circumstances.

Apple's response to these stories has been to advise people to use only official Apple chargers.

[H/T Gizmodo]

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