Watch And Wait To See How Long Until This Samsung Phone Explodes

Still waiting.

This is perhaps the new gold-standard for Facebook Live trolling. The viral website Dose just bought the self-destruction prone Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from Craigslist, put it on camera ― and asked viewers to watch and see “How long until it explodes?”

Spoiler alert: It did not explode.

Say what you will about how boring this week’s footage is (so boring!) ― the gag worked. The video has 5.5 million views and 181,000 reactions, according to Facebook. People want to see phones exploding.

The post also has 227,000 comments, which can more or less be summarized by the following response: “Blow up already.”

Here is the phone, still in one piece.
Here is the phone, still in one piece.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article incorrectly identified the phone as a Samsung Galaxy S7 based on an incorrect video title. In fact, the phone in the video is a Galaxy Note 7.