The Best Galentine's Day Gifts Under $50 For Your Best Friends

Show them that you'll always put "ovaries before brovaries."

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A celebration with the gals calls for gifts all around. And maybe some mimosas, too.
A celebration with the gals calls for gifts all around. And maybe some mimosas, too.

It’s the show that launched a thousand memes — the-still-very-much-memorable “Parks and Recreation.” From the box of treat yo’ self cupcakes to getting Jerry Gergich’s name wrong to mourning the beloved Li’l Sebastian, the show lives on in our hearts as one of the best.

You know a show’s iconic when it launches its own holiday, like Seinfeld’s “Festivus”. “Parks and Recreation” gave us one created by its “ovaries before brovaries” heroine, Leslie Knope: Galentine’s Day.

Galentine’s Day, according to Knope, falls on the day before Valentine’s Day and is all about celebrating female friendships — AKA your true soulmates.

So instead of just having heart eyes for your partner this February, you and your girlfriends might get together to toast to the relationships that you have with each other. You might even follow in Knope’s footsteps and celebrate over a boozy brunch.

If you’re hosting your own Galentine’s Day this year or just looking to get your best gal pals a little gift to let them know how much they mean to you before Valentine’s Day, we’ve spotted gifts that’ll let them know how much you love them.

Check out these Galentine’s Day gifts for your best girlfriends:

An oven mitt for the friend who's always got something cooking (or burning)
Always Fits
Just add a dash of salt. Get it at Always Fits.
A candle that looks like a field of flowers
It's better than a bouquet. Get it at Catbird.
A deck of pink tarot cards
Fortune-telling's sure to be in her future soon. Get it at Madewell.
A necklace that's dino-mite
It's like a mini Jurassic Park. Get it at ModCloth.
A sweatshirt for your favorite Glossier gal
Now, your makeup-loving friend will have official Glossier merch. Get it at Glossier.
An embellished headband that'll shine like the sun
The sparkle on this headband is blinding. Get it at Shopbop.
A pair of earrings that are playing a game of cat and mouse
Kate Spade
These mismatched huggies will have the cat lady in your life hugging you. Get them at Kate Spade.
A mug that's perfect for spilling tea
Uncommon Goods
For the literary lover in your life. Get it at Uncommon Goods.
A set of colorful lip shades from Fresh
It'll be the end of dry lip season when she carries one of these tubes along in her bag. Get the set at Sephora.
A set of scrunchies that are silky smooth
She won't lose these luxurious feeling scrunchies like she does all her hair ties. Get the set at Sephora.
A bust for your bosom friend
Anne of Green Gables would be happy to know that you found your kindred spirit. Get it at Anthropologie.
A pair of socks to remind her of her magic
Always Fits
It's the most powerful force in the universe. Get the pair at Always Fits.
A pillow that'll have the traveler resting easy
Or for the friend with a crazy commute. Get it at Shopbop.
A membership to an exclusive club
Etsy / Punkypins
The next meeting's on Monday. Get it at Etsy.
A glass gardening mister for the plant parent
It's fancier than a watering can. Get it at Terrain.
A pair of hoops for the friend with expensive taste
She won't be able to resist the sparkle on these earrings. Get the pair at Anthropologie.
A vase that she can keep at home or the office
This vase is sure to get rid of writer's block. Get it at ModCloth.
The classiest tequila shot glasses ever
Uncommon Goods
Pinkies have to be out for this set of four glasses carved from Himalayan salt. Get the set at Uncommon Goods.

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