Gallery 1988 Mixes Comedy And Art With "Is This Thing On?" (PHOTOS)

Normally art is only really funny when it's really bad. That is why we are especially excited to see the return of the exhibition "Is This Thing On?" in which artists pay tribute to their favorite comedians with works that are hilarious. You'll actually be able to laugh in an art gallery, and not because of the pretentious thing that person standing next to you just said!

All the greats are represented, including Woody Allen, Stephen Colbert, Mitch Hedberg and Tobias Funke; some are reliving their signature roles while others are caricatured to the extreme.

Okay, now for the best part: The exhibition will feature a Weird Al Yankovic career retrospective screen-print set, consisting of nine screen prints in honor of a different Weird Al song. In fact, Mr. Al will host the opening which is on March 9th at 7 pm.

For those of you in Los Angeles, 'Is This Thing On? 2: The Weird Year' will show at Gallery 1988 on Melrose until March 31. Now we just have one more question... what's the deal with art gallery hors d'oeuvres? ...Anyone?

is this thing on

Here's a little 'Amish Paradise' to get you in the mood...