Gallow Green: NYC's Rooftop Space Enchants Guests At 'Sleep No More' Hotel

NYC's Eerily Elegant Rooftop Bar

New York has never been lacking in terms of rooftop spaces that double as hip cocktail bars, but one of the city's latest offers its visitors a haunting new spin.

On April 20, visitors to Chelsea's "McKittrick Hotel" were able to experience Gallow Green on the eve of its Spring Herb Festival. The fictional "hotel" is, of course, the home of the popular interactive play "Sleep No More," and the outdoor watering hole continues the same rustic yet eerily elegant feel of the show.

Actors from "Sleep No More" were on hand to entertain guests, who also enjoyed inventive cocktails like the "Damned Spot," the "Blonde In Peril" and "Sleep Bowmore Punch," along with sweet and savory nibbles. The space also provides a stunning view of Manhattan's West Side and the Hudson River.

Check out Gallow Green for yourself here.

Check out photos from Gallow Green's Herb Festival below.

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NYC's Gallow Green

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