Game Changer in Business and Tech: Ursula Burns (VIDEO)

If you still think of the corner copier when you think of Xerox, Ursula Burns would like a word with you. Just months into her CEO tenure, the Chairman and CEO of Xerox Corporation saw the need for innovation at Xerox and made a $6.4 billion bet to acquire a computer outsourcing and business processing company ACS (Affiliated Computer Services), exponentially expanding the size, scope and focus of Xerox. Now in 2011, approximately 50% of its $23 billion in revenue comes from services in unexpected industries. 50% of all electronic toll collection in the U.S. is processed by Xerox, and the company handles over 1 million call center transactions daily. Her business savvy has taken Xerox in new directions, but Burns remains a company girl at heart. She first joined the global corporation in 1980 as a mechanical engineering summer intern. In April 2007, Burns was named president of Xerox, and then CEO in July 2009, then chairman of the company on May 20, 2010.