Game Changer in Food and Travel: Jamie Oliver (VIDEO)

The always-energized British chef Jamie Oliver has long been a healthy-cooking enthusiast. But in recent years, he's rolled up his apron and battled it out with public school lunch ladies to bring healthy food to American schools. In 2005, he launched "Feed Me Better" to revamp unhealthy school lunches in the UK. Then, in 2010, his Emmy Award winning reality show, "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution" brought him to American towns, schools and homes to help replace fatty junk foods with square meals. His aggressive efforts during the second season of the show got him banned from the Los Angeles Unified School District, but in August, Oliver celebrated progress when the new LA public schools superintendent announced that flavored milk -- which has more sugar than soda -- would be banned from LA schools. Oliver plans on opening a restaurant in Los Angeles soon and has set his sights on changing eating habits around the world. Earlier in September, before the UN's Non-Communicable Diseases Summit, Oliver wrote an open letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to point out the international impact of obesity and diet-related diseases. "In the few minutes that it takes you to read this letter, more than 25 of our fellow human beings will have died from obesity and diet-related diseases," he wrote. "That's 2.8m people a year, according to the World Health Organisation, dying from one of the entirely preventable diseases which combined kill more people in the world than wars, terrorism, HIV and road accidents."

For more on Jamie's recent efforts, check out the video above.