Game of Exes

We know a thing or to about breakups, and a thing or two about Game Of Thrones. Put it together and you have the Game of Exes. After a breakup, a queen like oneself must protect her heart, or throne, with an iron fist. The Game of Exes can consist of bettering yourself and moving on, or smashing their stuff as justice for breaking your heart (I've heard metal bats do wonders for TVs and glass novelties). The intensity of the game is your call. Here is a brief look into the Game of Exes as told by Game of Thrones.

When people ask you about your ex


When you run into them months later, and they're less attractive then you remember


and whether it is, or is isn't, you pretend life is fabulous


When they call or text you to "catch up"


But you decide to be civil and hear what they have to say


Only for it to be nothing but BS


When you're at a get-together, and he shows up with his new bae


and she tries to act like your new BFF


So although the game is grueling


and may make you want to lose your shit sometimes


Just continue ruling with your classy iron fist and heart for future baes to come