This ‘Game Of Thrones’ ‘Alternate Ending’ Photo Shows The Night King’s Softer Side

Isaac Hempstead Wright shared a funny behind-the-scenes pic from the filming of "The Long Night."

Just call him the Knight King.

(Spoilers for Season 8, Episode 3 below)

It seems that Vladimir Furdik, who played the Night King on “Game of Thrones,” did quite an honorable and gracious thing for Isaac Hempstead Wright (Bran Stark) while the two were in full costume on set. In a photo Hempstead Wright posted to Instagram on Monday, one can see the Night King being a total sweetheart by holding an umbrella over Bran’s head.

Considering that the actors’ characters were enemies in the show, the photo comes off as bizarre and funny.

Hempstead Wright added to the humor with a hilarious caption.

“Here’s a still taken from the alternate episode 3 ending in which the Night King becomes Bran’s carer and they both live happily ever after,” he wrote.

A quick gander at Furdik’s Instagram account shows that the actor and veteran stuntman himself seems to be a pretty nice guy.

Not only does he seem pretty chummy with his other “Game of Thrones” co-stars …

… He also seems to get along pretty well with horses.

So, who wants to make a tender friendship movie about Bran and the Night King? Anyone? C’mon guys, let’s get this done. We’re not horsing around.

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