A Closer Look At The 'Game Of Thrones' Baby Naming Trend

Thanks to "Girls," "Duck Dynasty" and "Breaking Bad," there are more Shoshannas, Jases, and Skylers crawling around than before those shows were popular.

But online men's magazine AskMen has pointed out why the baby naming trend inspired by "Game Of Thrones" is particularly interesting: Unlike the aforementioned names, the name "Khaleesi" didn't exist at all before the show aired.

There were zero Khaleesis born before the "Game Of Thrones" era began in 2011. By the end of 2012, and thousands of addicted fans later, there were 146 babies given that name.

What's more, "Khaleesi" isn't even Emilia Clarke's real name on the show, it's just her royal title. So, parents are giving their babies a name that author George R. R. Martin made up to mean "Queen" in the "Game Of Thrones" language, Dothraki.

When the name first started to become popular, baby name expert Laura Wattenberg explained that other made-up literary names have gained steam in the real world, too. "Plenty of authors dating back to Shakespeare have invented names that caught on with parents," she wrote. "For instance, hundreds of American girls have been named Eowyn over the past decade after a 'Lord of the Rings' character."

If you do name your baby Khaleesi, you should probably register for a few stuffed dragons.

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