'Game Of Thrones'-Inspired Beer Logos Excite Fans (PHOTOS)

And today in odd crossovers that we don't mind at all: "Game of Thrones" beer!

UK artist Rob Stephens came up with the idea last month, and promptly posted the designs on his Redbubble account, which allows interested parties to buy them printed on items like t-shirts or iPhone cases.

"May sales have gone through the roof," Stephens told HuffPost in an email. He's already sold 119 shirts this month and sales have no sign of slowing.

This isn't the first time beer and the HBO show have crossed paths. Earlier this year, a Reddit user posted an image of a home-brewed bottle of "Stark Stout." The website Geek Alert also posted images of a collection of steins embossed with mottos and symbols from the program.

Check out Stephens' designs in the gallery below.

All images posted with the permission of Rob Stephens.

Game of Thrones Beer
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