'Game Of Thrones' Actor Uses Dolls To Narrate Our Favorite Ship

"Be careful with that sword."

Kristofer Hivju, known for his role as Tormund on “Game of Thrones,” has some opinions on his character’s possible romance.

In a video posted to his Instagram page, the Norwegian actor is seen having some fun with doll versions of Tormund and Brienne, played by Gwendoline Christie in the show, to promote an interview he did with HBO Nordic about all that on-screen flirting.

″Hello, my name is Tormund and I’m a giant,” Hivju narrates. “That’s why they call me ... Giantsbane.” 

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Well, that happened. 

In the interview, Hivju spoke about Tormund’s softer side and his bachelor lifestyle. Most of the Free Folk have a very different idea of love and romance than the people of Westeros, which is great because Brienne isn’t an average lady. Unfortunately, the actor is pretty sure Tormund’s one true love is Shiela (that “bear” Tormund claims he ... had relations with). 

“If you have to include humans, of course Brienne is the first choice,” Hivju said. “Definitely.” 

We’re team Briemund for life. 

And yet, there are many fans out there who still want Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) to fall for our girl. It’s understandable considering how much time the pair spent together ― and the fact that he jumped into a bear pit to save her. But when HuffPost spoke to Coster-Waldau, he basically gave Briemund his blessing.

“I don’t think [Jaime]’s jealous,” the actor told HuffPost in April. “I think it’s a perfect couple ― I think Tormund would rock her world.” 



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