'Game Of Thrones' Cast Continues To Prove Their Love For Each Other

The only thing rarer than seeing a White Walker in Westeros is seeing the entire "Game of Thrones" cast together in the same room. Thanks to San Diego Comic-Con, we got to see most of the gang hang out together for once. While some characters don't get along too well on screen, and others have never even met, we can tell that the "GoT" cast members totally love each other when the cameras are off (and during bloopers). Check out these photos of the cast being absolutely adorable together at the convention on Friday, July 25. Here's to hoping that they also bond with the new cast joining them in Season 5.

Oberyn doesn't even know Sam, but they still seem pretty close. game of thrones comiccon

Even though (spoiler alert!) Arya left The Hound to die, these two are still best buds. game of thrones comiccon

Sansa kissing away Oberyn's never-ending headache.

Wait, the "GoT" cast members are actually models in real life.

Jaime and Brienne cannot deny their love. game of thrones comiccon

The Starks reunite! (Plus Oberyn.) game of thrones comiccon

The three of them totally could've been a happy little family. game of thrones comiccon

Let's also not forget that this happened recently. Brotherly love forever.



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