Keeping Cersei's Nude Scene Secret Costs 'Game Of Thrones' A Fortune

Cersei's Nude Scene Costs 'Game Of Thrones' A Fortune

Warning! "Game of Thrones" spoilers below.

HBO seems to be building more debt than King's Landing in order to keep Cersei Lannister's nude scene a secret.

Reports indicate that to ensure actress Lena Headey's "walk of shame" scene was kept under wraps, "Game of Thrones" paid upwards of $50,000 per day for a four-day shoot.

TMZ reports more than 200 security guards were hired, local shop owners were paid to shut down and leave the area, cell phones were banned and those involved had to sign confidentiality agreements with fines up to $250,000.

The controversial scene is a big moment in George R. R. Martin's novels. In the books, the High Septon has the once proud Cersei shaved, stripped naked and forced to walk the streets from the Great Sept of Baelor to the Red Keep while the crowds cheer. Though Vulture reports that the Queen Regent will get a dramatic haircut and not be completely shorn, most of the scene seems to be sticking close to the source material.

You can see an image from the set featuring Cersei with short hair here:


Since the scene requires Cersei to be nude in a church at one point, Croatian film commissioners originally wouldn't issue the proper permits for it to happen; however, everything was allowed to proceed after a compromise was reached in which the church scenes will be shot on a fake set.


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