The Official "Game Of Thrones" Coloring Book Is On Its Way

All men must draw.

Reports surfaced earlier this summer that George R.R. Martin, author of the A Song of Ice and Fire series, would be overseeing a "Game of Thrones"-inspired coloring book. As of Thursday, it appears the book is finally here, and with a release date.

The book, which will feature 45 exclusive black-and-white illustrations from famous fantasy illustrators, is available for pre-order on Amazon. It will officially go on sale on Oct. 27 for $10.59.

George R.R. Martin/Amazon

Not only does the cover look amazing, but the description for the coloring book (All men must draw!) is admittedly epic:

In a world where weddings are red, fire is green, and debts are paid in gold, countless images leap off the page thanks to the eye-popping intricacy of the vivid settings and details. Now, for the first time, fans of this blockbuster saga can fill in the blanks and marvel as this meticulously imagined universe comes to life, one sword, sigil, and castle at a time.

At least this will give fans something to do before Season 6 premieres in April 2016. Pre-order the book on Amazon here, and mark Oct. 27 in your calendar now.

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