'Game Of Thrones' Actress Gemma Whelan's Breastfeeding Pic Has Moms Applauding

The pic shows her in costume and reflects her "actual life on set."

Moms online are praising a “Game of Thrones” star for proudly breastfeeding at work.

On Sunday, actress Gemma Whelan, who portrays the headstrong and incredibly tough Yara Greyjoy of the Iron Islands on the hit HBO show, posted a photo on Instagram that shows her breastfeeding her daughter, whom she welcomed in 2017, while in costume.

The actress wrote in the comments that the photo was taken after she filmed one of her scenes for the first episode of Season 8. She was responding to fans who thought the post was a spoiler alert, but she assured them it was just a peek at her character.

“Just a tease and my actual life on set between whatever we actually were filming,” Whelan wrote.

Many commenters described the pic as “empowering” and “beautiful” and described her as “a badass.” Others mentioned how happy they were that she was able to breastfeed during her work day and wished more moms could do the same.

Earlier this month, Whelan appeared on “Good Morning Britain” to chat about filming the show’s final season. She told the interviewers her daughter was on set with her “for the whole thing” and that she sometimes breastfed in costume.

“I’m really sort of tied into my armor,” she said. “It’s quite difficult to get to yourself, let’s put it that way.”

She added that her baby daughter is one of the very few people to know the ending of the beloved show.

“She can’t tell anyone,” Whelan joked.

Lucky kid.

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