'Game Of Thrones' Features George W. Bush's Head On A Stake In Season 1

George W. Gets Beheaded On 'Game Of Thrones'

For those who ever wanted to see former President George W. Bush's head on a silver platter, "Game of Thrones" is serving up something possibly even more gruesome.

On the HBO drama, King's Landing is decorated with the heads of those killed under the despicable King Joffrey as a warning to anyone who dares to cross him. In the tenth episode of Season 1, Joffrey wants to show his bride-to-be Sansa what her father Ned's head looks like on a pike and just two heads down is another familiar face.

On the DVD commentary for "Game of Thrones" Season 1, io9.com noted that the show's creators used George W. Bush's head -- with some "Rock of Ages"-like long locks. But it was only out of necessity, they said.

"George Bush's head appears in a couple beheading scenes," "Game of Thrones" creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss explained with a laugh in the commentary for the Season 1 DVD. "It's not a choice. It's not a political statement. It's just we had to use whatever heads we had around."

In the original clip below, Joffrey proceeds to point out who the rest of the heads belong to ... unfortunately, he neglects to call out the former president. Who would have believed Joffrey was a Democrat?

UPDATE: HBO and Benioff and Weiss formally apologized for using this image hours after the story went viral, according to Deadline.

HBO said, "We were deeply dismayed to see this and find it unacceptable, disrespectful and in very bad taste ... We are sorry this happened and will have it removed from any future DVD production."

David Benioff and D.B. Weiss added, "We can’t afford to have [prosthetic body parts] made from scratch, especially in scenes where we need a lot of them, so we rent them in bulk. After the scene was already shot, someone pointed out that one of the heads looked like George W. Bush ... We meant no disrespect to the former President and apologize if anything we said or did suggested otherwise.

For the full apologies, head over to Deadline.

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