'Game Of Thrones' Star Gwendoline Christie: Brienne Is The 'Antithesis' Of The Patriarchy

"She’s unashamedly herself," the actor told Elle magazine in a new interview.

Ser Brienne of Tarth, arguably the most badass character on HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” is the “antithesis” of the patriarchy, according to actor Gwendoline Christie.

“What I love about playing her is that she’s the antithesis of a patriarchal society,” Christie recently told Elle magazine. “She doesn’t give into it; she’s unashamedly herself. And I think her physical and moral strength is really part of the same thing.”

Brienne is a fan favorite whose honor and steadfast loyalty are rare in a world where characters are always conniving to take back the iron throne or to avenge dead family members. And it’s even cooler that this knight in shining armor happens to be a woman.

“Brienne allowed me to investigate my physicality ― being a tall woman, being someone strong ― in a way I hadn’t felt comfortable doing before. Before her, I felt the constraints of society dictating women should look a certain way, including me,” Christie reflected.

Christie added that playing Brienne hasn’t been easy because she’s had to “strip away the conventional signs of femininity.”

“It was fascinating and frightening. It was scary,” she said. “I had to face up to who I was, and embrace that and make it work. … But this part allowed me to do that.” 

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