This 'Game of Thrones'-'Hamilton' Mashup Will Leave You More Than Satisfied


Rise up! The Internet went ahead and lost its collective mind on Wednesday night when musical theatre maestro Lin-Manuel Miranda delivered a "Hamilton" and "Game of Thrones" mashup to blow us all away. 

Unsurprisingly, the two universes paired well together, as both deal in political maneuverings, a high body count and, of course, dragons. Just kidding, but we're pretty sure an early draft of the musical found Peggy riding on the back of Drogon to finally step out of her sisters' shadows. 

It all started when Miranda shared a photo of Jon Snow on Twitter alongside a lyric from his song "The Election of 1800." "He's very attractive in the North," Miranda tweeted with the hashtags #HamOfThrones and #HasThisBeenDone.  

The rest of the Internet quickly followed suit by creating their own #HamOfThrones memes, which Miranda happily retweeted during the musical's intermission. Take a look at some of our favorites below. 

But if that wasn't enough, "Hamilton" musical director Alex Lacamoire combined the "Game of Thrones" opening credits music with "Burn," an emotional ballad sung by Hamilton's wife, Eliza. 



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